João Pereira

#Bug? CarpeIter/DMD2Beta2.83 The CI in DMD2 cannot fix the location. The map shows some “wet” spot in front of the African west cost. If I enable the GPS Debug panel, it shows “Ignored” in a box to the bottom right. Bug or an issue with my settings? Thanks. PS: Gaia and Locusmaps report the location correctly.

The Beta was not supposed to end up on CARPE devices just yet, specially because CARPE devices have always had an optimised version of DMD2 with its own app signature. The way DMD2 usually ends up in the CARPE is through its CARPE MANAGER.

When the user uninstalls DMD2 in the Carpe Pad and then installs it from Play Store they are installing an app with a different signature, which means they wont be able to cross update between Play Store versions and Manager versions.

Since we were not yet releasing for the CARPE Pad we havent finished the specific location filtering for the CARPE… hence what you describe, altough, please notice, map only moves to your location once you start riding and hit at least 3Km/h 😛
Today we will release a Beta update which will include proper support for the CARPE… because… well… you guys cant wait…. I get it 😛

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