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Windy weather app: The widget can not be loaded. And if I load another app (My Radar) the data will not be updated. It stays without change. When I activate the smal circle on top right in the widget window (I assume it is the refresh) it goes back to the widget selection. Regards

You need to manually start the app for that widget, for MyRadar usually I have to first open the app, configure everything, and then the widgets work just fine.

When will the map layers for SAT imagery etc become available?

Soon, very soon, need some more time to work on other small details.

I managed to somehow make it display the correct RPM. I have to follow these steps: -all slots for sensors are set to fuel level. Only rpm is displayed. Don’t know if it makes a difference, but did not try another way. -plug the dongle and start the engine; -DMD2 starts and in a few seconds connects to the dongle – the Bluetooth icon in DMD2 turns blue and a fixed value for rpm is shown, always the same value, something like 4xxx. The dongle lights green and the green lights twinkle, as it would communicate/exchange data. – with the engine running I quickly unplug the ODB dongle, the Bluetooth icon in DMD2 turns red, and then plug ODB dongle back in again. The Bluetooth icon in DMD2 turns blue for a few seconds, then red again, then blue, and stays blue. Now the rpm value is displayed properly and responds to the gas pedal. -if I exit DMD2 or restart the android device, I have to redo the whole procedure.

I have updated to version 2.82. I can see that the connection is slower. But the method described above does not work anymore. After connection, if I unplug then plug the dongle back, it takes a while to reconnect and then the same fixed values are displayed ( no more blue bluetooth icon for a few seconds, then red, then blue and data displayed properly).

Im afraid I really need to get a dongle like that one, on the OBDLink is just flawless, with the last update its even better and faster.

Hey, I would like ot suggest the a key to the map be available on the app.

A key to the map? What key? Are you talking about an overlay message saying “invalid” key?? If so that was a bug with our private api keys, should be fixed, we been using temporary keys until we decide what plan we are going for.

Also a bug. I paid for the life time maps and unknown to me it was refunded back in March. But I kept having access to all the maps both in the beta and the production version even though I didn’t pay the pop up for paying was there but I down downloaded more maps and was open for more then 15 min in the beta version

The only limitation on the map will be the popup showing + you wont be able to use online tiles (since we pay for access to those).


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