1. Controllers now work in a different way, full manual will be added in the website, you can have a glimpse about what changed in this boring video:

Even with that description it’s not working that way for me. I suspect it’s because I’ve added the map as a panel on the left side. Even before you hit ‘⏎’ the map scrolls.

If you phsically tap the screen to move to a new panel, then use the controller I think it is still panning the map. After a while the correct ←/→ to change left, and ↑/↓ to change right work. Not reliably though. Help with repro steps would be appreciated – I know these aren’t that helpful.

3. Trip should move, if not it is not taking your location updates. Please add the GPS Debug widget to any of the panels, like this:

Compass seems good, map updates well, accuracy <1 most of the time, still no trip; not recording. Screenshot from mid-ride

If album artwork does not show it means you probably have an old Android version since the only limitation is that, older Android versions do not support it.

It’s the Carpe Iter CI_pad_v4 running Android 9.