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    Hi All, very new to the whole DMD2 thing  – I have a Samsung Active Tab 3 running the DMD2 Beta and a Wunderlinq 2.0 BT dongle attached to the BMW R1250GS sat nav prep.  All works perfectly the wonderwheel scrolls thought all of the DMD app – But I’m having a little difficulty getting DMD2 OBD info into the DMD2 dashboard?  Any help would be appreciated.  Many Thanks in Advance.

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    WonderLINQ support is not fully ready, for now only wonder wheel, the sensors data will be added later.

    Even the Wonder wheel is going to change, we will actually also add the “Enter/Cancel” button which WonderLINQ is mapping. You will have Wheel Up, Wheel Down, Wheel Right, Wheel Left, Cancel Button or whatever is called in the BMW.

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    I have the same configuration as you (Blackview BV7100) but I can’t even use the wonderwheel. Did you do anything special to make it work?


    I also have same setup and can’t get wonderwheel to scroll through all parts of the app. Appreciate any help.

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