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    Good day. some weeks ago I was in Maroc, using DMD2 Beta version. The loading of the Maroc and Spain map took at least one hour. If I tryed to surch an POI or e.g. Marrakesh (I was still in Merzouga, south-east Marocco), the system was working and working, but couln’t give me a route with kilometers nd time of arrival. I had to stop the operation. Than trying to use google maps, he couldn’t get the GPS signal. I delete the DMD2 app, but then I had to download again all the offline maps I had before on the carpe iteer pad and it took more than one hour to load it. Although now, back in Germany, I’ve installed the map of Germany and made POI Colgogne (I live in Hamburg), but the same problem like in Marocco: the system was working and working but no result. If it is only 10 km from my home place, I become a result! Crazy!




    Please notice the map files are HUGE so you need a good internet connection to download them.

    Im not exactly sure if your issue is with POI results or with calculating routes, can you please try explain that better?

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    Hello John, thanks for your email. For example, if I entered Ceuta as the POI, it took some time to find the city and also stated the distance. If I then went to “navigate to the point” and did not select an external app for it but DMD2, then the system calculated for a long time but without any result, or I had to cancel the process because no result was displayed after 15 minutes.

    Destinations that are only 10 or 15 km away are found quickly, so if I enter a street name in my place of residence, for example, the system finds it and I can also navigate there via DMD2.
    Another question. Can you also save the offline maps on the SD card? Can DMD2 then use it if it works?

    thanks for your support, !


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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