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    Hi Thork Racing!

    I own now a T865 and encountered difficulties when trying to install some apps from the android play store: the device is not certified. You can check it also in the playstore options.

    It may be because of the custom rom installed, but is there any chance that you fix this permanently? Or is there a walkaround? I found this:

    https ://

    https ://

    If you can´t fix the stock problem, would you please provide a short instruction in how to fix this individually? Or maybe a small tool to read out this “Google Services Framework Android-ID”, which is mentioned in the second link.


    Greetings from Switzerland and thank you!



    Some few apps will require that certification but they can simply be installed by downloading the apk, after you install using the APK even updates will work from the Play Store.
    The only app i seen present this problem was NetFlix.
    Either way, we are working on Android 14 update where it will be 100% certified, you will get this update soon enough, the only reason the current ROM isnt was because we needed to do some changes and google was asking for re-certification.
    A simple way to download the APK for manual install is using a website like

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    Thank you! Nice to hear that you put so much effort in the progress of this system!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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