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    I was on a ride last weekend and found out, that DMD2 doesn´t support offline adress search. It has offline maps, so why do I need to get online to type in an adress?

    And is there any way to store own PoI´s like home and other adresses? Some kind of favorite list? A short cut to drive home would also come in very handy.

    I also miss the option to insert waypoints during routing. For example: if I would like to visit a place while on a longer trip, I need to stop routing at all and to route to the new goal, than again to the former goal. Or: if I would like to take another route to a goal, than the calculated one, I have no option to change it.

    In my opinion, all prior points are crucial basic functions of a navigation system, and as they are completely missing in DMD2 the usage of the tablet is strongly limited to me. Is there any plan to implement this functions? And if yes, is there a timeframe?

    João Pereira


    The offline maps you download are mostly data to generate map graphics and not databases for search.
    It does include database for POI search but not indexed road search data, compiling this in a optimised method would require a lot of space.
    For this reason we decided to go with the best address search API which we pay for, it uses Google Places Search.

    Locations Manager (to save and load your favourite locations) is in development and we hope to make it soon available.

    Same thing for multi-point route calculation.

    Both of those are our top priority.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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