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    So, I bought a T665 and loaded up my music app (MediaMonkey) but, I can’t get it to access music files on the SD card. I’ve created a music folder through the app and linked it as a library but, it won’t play anything or even update the library with the folders contents. I’m assuming that it’s a permissions issue on the loaded version of Android but nothing I’ve tried seems to fix the issue. It works just fine if I load the media onto the internal drive. The problem is there isn’t enough free space to copy everything there so I need to use the SD card.

    On a side note, connecting the T665 to a computer or another android device doesn’t give me the option access the internal drive or SD card to copy things over. I have to remove the card and then plug it into my laptop which is inconvenient.


    The app needs to implement the new SCOPED STORAGE imposed by google.

    A user just posted this in our facebook group:

    “Yesterday I tried, successfully, to transfer a flac file and a mp4 to DMD-T865. It went to the “Download – Nearby Share” folder on the main memory. Then I moved it to the microSD card.
    I was able to hear the song, and see the video without any problem.
    If it matters, I use PowerAmp for audio, and VLC to video.”

    I will do some testing, maybe i can do a guide for different app types.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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