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    I have installed DMD2 Vers. 3.00007 on my RT3 Tablet. When I long press on the map the options I can see are: Online Wheather, Share and Poi Search. How can I save a WPT? For me is very important this option, because I race in the ATTs Italy and they follw the same rules of the Gibraltar Race. So I have to trace my own route on given WPT during the selective sectors and often I have to add others WPT to trace the right way. Again, How I can save a personal wpt or trace a route on my device?

    I hope you have an answer for me because yesterday I purchased a T665. I dont want load others navigation app on that device!

    João Pereira

    The option to save and manage location is something we are actually working at the moment, should be ready soon.
    But im not sure it will be what you want.

    So basically you are doing a race where you load a GPX files only with waypoints is that it? Do you have an example file for me? If so please send it to

    Now that you have those waypoints on the screen can please describe to me exactly what you want? Example:

    Tapping on a waypoint and choosing a “NAVIGATE TO WAYPOINT” kinda of option is already there (the app will plan a route from your location to the waypoint)
    Do you need the app to trace a route connecting all the waypoints in the GPX file? -> This is not possible yet, you need it? Are the points REALLY waypoints?
    Do you need to tap on the map and add a new waypoint like a “ADD POINT TO CURRENT CALCULATED ROUTE” -> This is not possible yet, is it the type of solution you would need?

    Anything else?

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    I sent you an email at



    Any news on the option to save and manage waypoints? Consider that in march I will be in Morocco for Lama’s Rally. I chosed the GPX format, so I really neeed to build in real time my own track on the device by given wpts and sometimes I have to add other ones to be shure to be on the right way and then navigate it.

    This function is well supported by Osmand+, but for many other features I prefer DMD. Plase help me!


    Ho visto che ora è possibile salvare i wpt.


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