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    I just updated to the latest version, and found that it breaks a lot of functionality I depend on, such as the ability yo use widgets. It also forgets what modules I have paid for.

    This takes it from “essential riding companion” to “useless” to me, so I prefer to revert to the previous version and wait it out there and see if these things are resolved.

    How do I do that? Do I have to copy the APK from my previous phone?

    Edit: I don’t mean this to come off as angry or bitter. I’ve worked with software development for a long time, and I know that sometimes, one has to temporarily drop things when making a big step. I just need a workaround until things are up to speed. It’s not even that urgent, as I have snow and freezing temperatures here now.

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    Can you tell me which widgets are you not able to load and on which device? Is it a phone or a tablet?
    As for Play Store purchases we just released version 3.00004, which should be available soon in the Play Store, please update to that version and recheck if your purchases are active.
    The license system is the same so all purchases should work exactly the same.

    Installing the old version wont probably be a good solution as Play Store will auto update it.

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    I can’t even find how to add widgets. Samsung Galaxy A34.

    I just updated, and still can’t see purchases.

    I also have much less control over layout, for example, I can’t put speedometer at the top.

    As for Google Play auto updating, I have that turned off. This type of issues are quite common…


    Olá a todos, gostei muito da nova versão, novas funcionalidades e tudo mais, porem não me adaptei com o visual de certos elementos que compõe a nova dashboard devido ao tamanho, na versão anterior a qual também gosto muito, no visual do velocímetro fica num tamanho muito bom e quando escondo a barra superior e a barra inferior os elementos ficam bem mais visíveis como o relógio e gadgests, também porque eu uso um celular como dispositivo dai sei que fica diminuto mesmo, outra coisa na versão nova se não me engano não esta carregando mp3 local no player só spotfy, não sei se terá essa possibilidade. Uso já a um certo tempo no road normal na cidade. Também mesmo na versão anterior não consigo usar o OBD2, não sei o que acontece, sendo que minha motocicleta usa protocolo K-LINE (ISO-9141-2/ISO-14230-4), conector HONDA 4 Pinos, Moto Honda XRE300 ano 2011.

    Hello everyone, I really liked the new version, new features and everything, however I didn’t adapt to the look of certain elements that make up the new dashboard due to the size, in the previous version which I also really like, the look of the speedometer is on a very good size and when I hide the top bar and the bottom bar the elements become much more visible like the clock and gadgets, also because I use a cell phone as a device so I know it’s really tiny, another thing in the new version if I’m not mistaken It’s loading local mp3s on the Spotify player only, I don’t know if this will be possible. I’ve been using it for a while now on normal roads in the city. Also, even in the previous version I can’t use OBD2, I don’t know what happens, since my motorcycle uses the K-LINE protocol (ISO-9141-2/ISO-14230-4), HONDA 4-Pin connector, Honda Motorcycle XRE300 year 2011 .

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