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    The new track navigation feature is great – when it’s working.
    Most of my track generated by as an GPX export from Garmin Basecamp or from TomTom MyDrive unfortunately turned up with an calculation error no matter which combination of Low/High, RoadFast/SoadShort/Mixed mode I used.
    It would be helpful to get a more detailed error message – maybe the tracks are to long (one is 350k) or there are some inconsistencies in the track (maybe due to different map sources?
    What is the recommended Tool to create GPX tracks to be most compatibe with DMD2?
    When you use GPX->Advanced to calculate a route from the track does it always use the complete track or does it start from the nearest point I’m currently at (e.g. half-way through)? (I tried several times on the track, but always came up with the calculation error)



    Can you please send me one of the GPX files that generate errors?

    Oh and tell me for which country are they.

    Please send to [email protected]

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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