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    Greetings from a long time inmate on ADVrider. Would like to get your input on this hardware.

    From what info I could gather it appears to be a Linux operating system and not fully dressed Android device. The items of interest to me are an IP rating, two channel bluetooth, glove friendly touchscreen and the ability to screen cast from your phone.

    My goal is get your DMD2 running on any device like this with your OBD app plus your controller for a fully functional dashboard that is bolted to my bike. Hopefully this wishlist has not tied up resources and I still can screen cast from my phone for my favorite apps.

    I hope this is similar enough to  you OEM projects that  you can point in the direction of compaible hardware you have already tested.


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    João Pereira

    For that we would need to make DMD2 compatible with Android Auto.

    Android Auto is just a “content stream” of sorts… it basically streams the app screen (which would be running on your pocket phone) to the device.

    Personally I do not like it that much, Android Auto is extremely limited for developers, little to no documentation back when I first attempted to add support.

    But I will recheck it again. If anything I would suggest getting an Android device or an Android Automotive device.

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    With regards to the unit or units of that ilk,


    In short, don’t bother, its a £10 nav in a £1 case –

    It will have a cloned front end from whichever software they’ve reverse engineered,

    There is no product support, and there claims are crap!

    The specs are random stats bolted together  such as  “Wifi 5.0,  Automotive chip in inside”  5G  (it has no LTE function btw) ”

    The unit i had had the software from a citroen installed,   you cant update it,  i certainly tried

    In short  – its a Turkey!!!


    Any news regarding Android Auto? since there are every day more motorcycles with it now, it would be amazing to be able to have it. DMD2 is great, congrats!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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