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    If you come from a smaller street to a crossing or a T-crossing with two separate lanes and you have to turn left, DMD2 advices you to drive straight ahead when crossing the first lane (which of course is needless to say and irritating since naturally you have to cross it) and does not say that you have to turn (directly afterwards). As consequence, if you just listen to the audio instruction and do not look on the map with the computed route, you do not know where to drive! Just if you zoom in very close, you will sometimes see a turning arrow, but there is no speech output for the turning instruction (surprisingly, there is a speech output for the straight ahead instruction!).

    I think this should be easy to fix.

    At this place, I wanted to insert three DMD2 Screenshots of typical situations for better understanding, but if I upload/insert these images (screenshots 3088×1440 pixel), the post does not appear. I tried three times with two different browsers (MS Edge/Google Chrome). If someone can tell me how to upload and insert images correctly, I will upload them later.



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