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    In 3.00014, a screen lock for the home view was introduced which works fine. However, the screen lock for the map view got broken: It still lets the buttons of the lower menue disappear, but the screen is not locked: You can pan the map, open and delete GPX files and do everything else even though…

    João Pereira


    Just tested this and it is locked here.
    Please notice the map lock has some extra options that you might have changed.
    If you go to map settings (the cog wheel in the map view) one of the first options is “Disable Map Touch When Locked” which should be on by default.

    DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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    Hi John,

    thanks for the quick reply and – sorry, my fault: Severe user error… 🙁 It works correct and as expected.

    I set this butten some weeks ago when installing a beta release 2.9xxx and forgot about it. After reading your reply, I first thought the setting got lost yesterday after updating to 3.00014, but it did not on another device I also use. So I must have switched it off erroneously without recognising it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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