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    Map Zoom using Adventure Control
    There is an odd behavior when using the Map Mode with an active Track in the direction up, tilted view mode:
    When using the Adventure control to zoom out, when you press the button, it goes to a verry large overview zoom and once you release the button back to the original zoom. If you repeat it several times it always does the overview-zoom first and then slowly zooms out. In addition the set zoom does only stay for a second or so, then the auto-zoom kicks in and goes back to the original zoom. So currently not really functional.
    A similar effect when zooming in: It either goes to the overview or sometimes also to a very high zoom, but once you release the button it goes back to the original zoom. I could only make it work when I kept pressing the button then it very slowly zooms in, but starts already at a quite high zoom mode. Once the button is released, again the auto-zoom kicks in way to early.
    The behaviour is especially when diving and obviously there are some thresholds in terms of speed where it tries to use a certain zoom setting – sometimes the Autozoom also switches a fiew times between two adjacent zoom modes (within a second or so between zoom settings).
    It would also help when press the function button of the Adventure Control while you are manually zooming that it switches back to the standard setting of the current view, so you don’t have to wait until it automatically goes back to standard zoom (If I recall it right, currently you switch to the next map orientation mode, so you have to press the mode button 3 times to go back to the original map view before one starting zooming…)

    João Pereira

    Auto zoom feature is not finished yet, and at this moment is def. not ready to be used with manual zoom adjustment (buttons) at the same time.
    Give me a bit more time to pick that up again and finish it.

    DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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