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    Hi, Just purchased a 2018 PR7 complete with Samsung Galaxy Tab A6.  I have only used it once and that was in heavy rain, when I picked up the bike. I was expecting a few problems with the setup based what I had read and sure enough water caused multiple reboots of the tablet and random apps being fired up during my ride home.  Pretty sure I can improve on the waterproofness of the AJP case.  Is there any option to stop water on the screen causing random apps to be triggered?  Also the Tab A6 is getting old now and seems pretty sluggish.  Would I be better off investing in a newer 7″ tablet with more RAM?  If so, any recommendations?


    Not entirely related to DMD2 but let me try to answer some of that:

    – If you buy a CARPE Handlebar controller you can disable screen touch.
    – We made also a standalone app for locking screen touch:

    Get a proper rugged tablet, CARPE ITER / Samsung Active

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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