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    I am using DMD2 on an XTRONS Android head unit that I installed in my Jeep.

    I have created a number of roadbooks in RallyNavigator and downloaded them to the SD card in my head unit. DMD2 was able to open and display the first roadbook at the point where I last scrolled to but I am unable to load any other file.

    When I use the ‘Left Menu’ ‘Open PDF’ option, my head unit’s launcher program is displayed. I then click on the file browser app and select the PDF that I want. I don’t have a PDF reader installed so it gives me the choice of APK Installer or DMD2. I select to open the PDF using DMD2 and it looks like DMD2 restarts at that point.

    When I go to the Roadbook panel the same original roadbook is displayed again at the point where I switched off my engine the first time I used that file in the Jeep. I cannot replace the first roadbook file that I opened.

    I haven’t tried deleting the first roadbook file yet to see what happens if DMD2 cannot find it.

    I also haven’t made DMD2 my launcher as the XTRONS launcher controls the FM radio and reversing camera.

    Am I doing something wrong?


    Always opens this roadbook here


    Deleting the file changes the roadbook display screen to ‘Tap here to open’. This opens a file selection window but when the file is selected, DMD2 just restarts.

    I installed the Rally Navigator reader app and I can get it to do all functions from its menu except opening a roadbook!

    I have installed Piste Roadbook Reader and that works fine opening all of my roadbooks. I will use that for my next event.

    I have installed two other PDF readers as a backup just in case and they both work fine opening and displaying any PDF on internal storage or on SD card as does Piste. I have uninstalled and reinstalled DMD2 and I just can’t get it to open a roadbook now at all.


    João Pereira


    Please consider moving to DMD2 Beta Version and follow on that, there is no point in doing anything to the version you have since we will soon move to the new version.
    You can get instruction and follow development here

    DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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