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    I understand that it is nice to have certain functions as a short cut reachable directly from the map view – however currently, for example when you navigate a router there is about 50% of the map blocked with buttons and overlays, and some of them could be easily grouped so stream-line and therefor simplify the UI and at the same time have more area for the map.
    I think only buttons you really need a lot should be visible, anything else should be grouped e.g. under options.
    Often used during navigation are:
    – Map orientation
    – lock icon,
    – POI
    – options icon
    Everything else should move to the options dialog
    IF the zoom in/zoom out buttons would be much more transparent (maybe 80%) in the situation where you do not display the extra info boxes on the right side they would hardy block the map (so increase map size) – after all you do not need to grasp any information of them but only to have an orientation where you need to press.
    However, When the extra info boxes on the right are displayed it certrainly looks better the way it is, and there is nothing to be gained by making them more transparent.
    It would also allow for more map area if there would be an option to disable the info boxes on the right completely (including the thin show/hide button on the top, which would allow to move the option button more to the right hand side when the info boxes are disabled. (but maybe that’s already there and I did not see it).
    In any case: the new satellite view button should be part of the map layer selection, and the layer selection should move to the options maybe at the top of the list or in a special section at the top of the list.

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