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    just got my DMD-T665 today. I switch from a Garmin Zumo and will mount the DMD to a Desert-X.

    While playing with the new device I was wondering:

    – how can I save my home address to have it ready for a quick routing back home?

    – is there an option to import custom POI coordinates? I would like to add my collection of POIs with a custom icon


    João Pereira


    We are working on a location manager that will have what you want.

    As for POI import what source is it? You want to import them how? From where?

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    Obrigado for the fast reply 😉

    I have several sources – my main source is the online version of – but I sometimes copy lat/lon from the Google Maps URL or use other sources I collected over time. Also I collected some data in Garmin BaseCamp – but I try to avoid using this ugly software if I can 😉

    So I would like to haven an import option (GPX) and would like to add some points manually in DMD2


    I was also looking for the option to import my own POI files.

    Tried importing them as GPX files, but then I get an error that doesn’t tell why it’s in error.

    Is the Custom POI import still on the roadmap? When do you expect it to be available?



    After doing some analysis on the POI file, it seems that there is a limit of 2500 waypoints in a GPX file. Is that correct?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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