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    Carlo Villois

    Hi, I would like to design my pushbuttons controller to be mounted on the handlebar using an Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluetooth programmable card but, in order to send  the correct commands to the DMD2 application I would need the list of available commands (Arduino IDE format). For other App I can send via Bluetooth the command from my pushbuttons controller as KEYBOARD COMMAND. For exanple for LOCUS MAPS I have the following commands:



    MAP UP = r (00-00-15-00-00-00-00)

    CENTER MAP = c (00-00-06-00-00-00-00)

    DISPLAY ON/OFF = d (00-00-07-00-00-00-00)

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards



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    remapping bluethootcontroller


    Although a lot of people do not know this, DMD2 is not a profitable app.

    Which is fine for us, we never looked at it as a finished, commercially ready product.
    BUT, it will soon be, on the next big update with new UI and many new things.

    What allows us to keep investing on this app is deals with OEMs, like AJP, Fantic, CARPE.

    Specially CARPE because we sell the controllers and the profit from the sales allows us to keep our business running and having developers 8h / day working on DMD2.

    For this reason DMD2 will not allow you to use any other controller unless it is a CARPE controller.

    Maybe in the future when DMD2 matures and becomes a sustainable app we can allow and support other controllers.

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    Carlo Villois

    Good afternoon John,

    thank you very much for your reply.

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