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    I understand you do not plan a full on-road navigation systems, but nevertheless maybe you have plans to include speed camera warnings and/or traffic infos?
    I certainly understand it’s lots of work, but nevertheless it would be a great feature for those of us using it on- and off-road (and we here in Germany unfortunately don’t get as many nice tracks as you get in Portugal, so on the day-trips I have to stick to the roads and only on longer trips I can really enjoy off-road functionality :-))

    And it’s really not that much in terms of functionality missing to completely trash the TomTom software I use for road trips in favor of DMD2 for all my bike rides – I’s really great already, and you see by first sight it’s made by people riding bikes and not simply a modified car version! (can’t be said often enough, especially when keeping in mind the size of your development team!)

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