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    When the user sets “Map-Layers” to “Off-Raod Topo”, then under “topo advanced options”, you can show or switch off “Autobahnen” (I guess “Highways” in the English original, just have the German version installed), “Main roads” or “Side roads”. I miss a fourth button that allows to switch on/off the unpaved roads, means that roads that are shown color-coded in DMD2.

    This would be a very useful enhancement since in several countries of the EU, you are not allowed to drive these roads, so switching them off greatly enhances clarity of the “OFF-Road Topo” layer map view!

    Note: I know that the layer “Standard minimal” does not show these roads and could be used as an alternative, but this layer does not offer a contrasty mode, means nearly all main and side roads are just drawn in white and you therefore do not get a good overview/clarity in the map display, especially when zoomed out! The contrast mode therefore shows main roads in orange and side roads in yellow, which is much better for overview.

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