I think it is helpful if you are able to have larger fonts or also in bold to make it more readable. I have tried the dashboard app on my phone and bought the in app maps but I cannot make the fonts larger. Android system allows you to use a zoom factor or larger system fonts but that doesn´t really help. What is possible? Thanks mates. Frank

You need to understand almost all interface in DMD2 uses adjustable size font, it means the font will take all the available space in their placeholders and adjust its size according to it.
That means on almost all UIs the font are already at the maximum size that they can fit in. There are some exceptions and if you want to share some print screen of the spots where you want it to be bigger I can try to see if we can improve it.

Obviously the whole DMD2 experience makes more sense in a minimum 7″ screen. Its one of the few apps that is both optimised for motorcycles and tablet screens.

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