Thank you for the quick reply and solution.  I like the solution you suggested.  There is an app built into Samsung phones and tablets called “Call& Text on other devices” It is an advanced feature in the settings menu that requires both phones to be on the same Wi-Fi network and have a Samsung account.  Your solution is better as it is not Samsung dependent.

The problem I see in the industry is bike electronics offer a partial solution.   The Sena helmet headset can only pair to a single Bluetooth device, so we need a central device (tablet or Phone) to connect our helmets to that allows both audio and voice commands.

If android apps requiring audio\voice are running on the CARPE TAB  (navigation) and calls, texts and media are running on the phone you have to choose which device to connect your helmet to and are left with a partial solution.  This is the same problem we have with most motorcycle manufacturers.   Will the CARPE TAB allow you to hear and give voice commands to both phone and tablet?  With Android auto the phone runs all the apps and mirrors the apps to the “tablet” android receiver\head unit. The other benefit with Android Auto is it allows you to use the phones data connection and not have to pay for an extra cellular data plan for the tablet.

Important features:

1)  We don’t want to pay for a cellular data connection on a phone and a tablet.  It is best if the CARPE TAB can use the phones data connection.

2) We need all the apps that require audio or voice commands to be running on a single device so the helmet communications (Sena) can communicate with the different apps.  Could this be accomplished similar to android auto?  Run DMD2 on our Android Phone and mirror to the tablet?  The expensive and sensitive phone can remain in our pocket or tank bag connected to a charger.  What is the current solution or plan for connecting devices that require audio and voice commands?  Do you run these apps from the phone or tablet?  This is the area that most bike manufacturers have gotten wrong and car manufacturers get right.  New cars leverage the drivers cell phone and give you android auto or Apple car play.  Adventure riders need extra apps and DMD2 is well positioned to fill this space with no current competition.  What I am not sure of is how all the different devices will connect.

I have a new Ducati Multistrada V4S and the Ducati connect is terrible and not worth using.  If DMD2 can connect all my Bluetooth devices and helmet, then I will buy the Carpe TAB.

Here are some common devices that need audio and voice that are common in the USA.
Phone connection.
Navigation: Google Maps and Waze
GoPro to record video and provide audio through the helmet headset.
Radar:   Valentine 1 Radar with the JBV1 App.  This is the best setup to avoid photo radar, red light cameras, and speeding tickets.  It also gives you advanced notice of speed limit changes and integrates with waze.

In the USA and Canada google maps and waze are the most commonly used navigation apps when on the road.  They are superior to all other navigation apps due to the crowed sources alerts and real time traffic info.  I have used DMD2 on my phone and when you open an android app from  the DMD2 short cut it is not easy to get back to DMD2.  Please add a DMD2 home button that stays on top when using android apps.  Android auto has the circle in the bottoms left corner.

Internet Data Note:

Most cell plans in the USA have limits on cell phone hot spot use.  If the DMD2 plan is to use a phone hotspot to provide data to the Carpe\Tablet this has speed\transfer limits that will cause issues and many plans charge extra for hotspot.  Android Auto avoids the use of hotspot by mirroring to the vehicle head unit.

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