João Pereira

I have the Roadbook and Gmap set up in split screen is it possible to link Rb points to map waypoints i think tripy does this? great app keep up good work cheers Mike

Our Roadbook is basically a mimic from an analog roadbook. It scrolls a PDF file just like a real roadbook would scroll a paper roll.

As far as I remember tripy uses something like Open Rally, which when you design a Roadbook in Rally Navigator you can export it in that format.

The advantage of Open Rally format is that instead of being a static PDF file it is more like an XML GPX file.
With the Open Rally format the app is the one drawing the roadbook line by line according to the data in the file.
It also allows the app developers to do A LOT MORE, because now the app is totally aware of all the details of each line, like location, distances, heading, etc.
In theory with Open Rally the app can even show you Roadbook and GPX at the same time with the same file.
The app can show you heading to next waypoint, can scroll paper automatically, can reroute if you get outside the track, etc etc etc the limitations are just in the app developer imagination.

So while we dont have Open Rally yet we are going to fully support it in a GLORIOUS way, including specific tools for Event Organisers!

Our only limitation is man power, we are a small team so thing take a while to be done!

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