I have tested a BMW R1200 GS ADV model year 2007 (so the old air/oil cooled model). The used OBD2-dongle is OBDLink LX (the green one). The  following data is provided over the BMW’s OBD2 interface of that model year (I have tested that with their own software called “OBDlink”- note other BMW models or model years may not provide any data via the OBD2 interface!):

Vehicle speed, engine speed (RPM), coolant (=oil) temperature, intake air temperature, throttle position, ignition timing advance, battery voltage (just read out from the OBD dongle!). No fuel level is provided by the BMW OBD2 interface, even though the motorcycle’s cockpit itself provides this value.

In DMD2, I have configured and tested the OBD dashboard with the following quantities:

motorcycle speed, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, engine RPM, voltage or throttle position (both works), and fuel level – but this just with the DMD2 functionality of entering an estimated average range and counting that down by the GPS milage you drive. Note the motorcycle’s OBD2 interface does not support a direct read out from the fuel sensor in the fuel tank.

When connecting the OBD dongle via bluetooth to DMD2 at the start of te trip, all works fine and stable. The problem comes if you stop the engine by switching off the ignition. Then, the communication between DMD2 (3.00032, but similar in much older versions, e.g. 2.xy) and the dongle breaks down and cannot be reliably reestablished after restarting the engine. The only thing that helps is pulling the dongle off the plug and reconnect it :-(. I’ll file a bug report for this, since this problem only appears in combination with the OBDlink LX dongle connected to DMD2. If connected with the native OBDlink Android App, the connection is immediately reestablished when the ignition is on and the engine starts again.

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