João Pereira

Hello Joao .Its getting better and better. But in 26 there is a little bug in landscape the bottom menue disappears sometimes on start , when you calculate a route or other actions. When you then lock and unlock the screen it reappears. Funny

Actually its probably because when you tap the top status bar you can toggle bottom menu visibility 🙂 Give it a try!


DMD2 – 3.00027 / 28:
– Improved Goole Maps URL sharing with reverse Geocode
– Map view now shows current road name – you can disable in map settings
– DMD2 can now be closed by BUTTONS app -> future DMD-T devices FW update
– DMD2 will now check for background location permission on DMD-T devices
– Other small improvements

DMD2 – 3.00025/6:
– Fixed a crash where GPX Track segments without points would cause app issues (although these should never exists they are a thing)
– Fixed a case of app crash when user inserts numbers in settings which are text only, now properly validates
– Added support for opening Google Maps URL types

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