Joao Pereira

DMD2 – 3.00022:
– Fixed a case where Odo view would not trigger dialog on long press when loaded in first slot of the GPS/OBD widget
– Large GPX files import improvements
– GPX direction reversion for Routes
– Other improvements and optimisations

DMD2 – 3.00021:
– DMD2 now responds to SOS messages from new (soon to be released) DMD-T devices SOS system
– DMD2 recorder / trip / etc now works with screen off -> only for DMD-T devices – other devices pending Background Location permission at Google Play Store
– Optimised POI search/database – Might require pending map updates on some countries
– Minor UI improvements
– Fixed a case where first run – default configurations for map related settings (track width, track arrow, scaling, etc) was not being applied on phone type devices
– Updated translations
– Other minor fixes and improvements

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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