João Pereira

Hi, I would like to navigate with the DMD2, but if I go to”enter address”, type Algeciras Heliport, tap on “navigate”, the system askes, if I would like to use DMD2 or another app, I take DMD2. Then the system asks, what kind of streets to use, I take “fastest” and then it shows “calculate route”, but it calculates and calculates but dosn’t com to a result. I’m living in Hamburg. When I take an address e.g. in Cologne, it works (after several minutes of calculation). I discribed this problem weeks ago, but didn’t got any informations, how to solve the problem. Thanks and a happy and save new year for all of us.

On the latest version when it cannot calculate it will show you an error why.

DMD2 – v3.00020:
– GPX Recording now generates files compatible with Garmin Basecamp
– When map is now on your current location tapping the Follow Location will now keep its state and center to your location first, on next tap it resumes to usual behaviour of cycling through the Follow Location modes
– Fixed a case where Auto-Zoom / Auto-Tilt was not working
– Fixed a case where you could not share files when using SD Card on DMD-T series devices
– Many improvements to the Router and better error catching and error dialog presentation
– Odometer value updated on app start fix

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