João Pereira

Hello community, I just bought the T665 phone and getting familiar with it (after 15 years of iphone). I was trying to connect my paypal account but looks like phone hardware does not support NFC although everything is switched on. Does anyone here has same experience, how did you fix it? Thank you and regards from Cologne, Germany !! Vincenzo

I can assure you NFC works and payments work.
I never tried PayPal, its been more than one year that i have problems with paypal like endless account verification loop (i use authenticator app), i can not make payments or refunds using my laptop but i can do it on my phone…

As for NFC i can see apps like Revolut work or at least they used to so there is no reason why PayPal would not work.
Either way Android 14 update should be rolling out soon and many improvements and certification$ (for greedooogle) will be included, your case might be some type of certification the app checks for.

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