Yes, of course, I agree, it’s a developer’s decision. My workaround currently is using DMD1 for GPX recording if the screen is off and the phone in my pocket. That does the job very well.

However, we need a solution that DMD2 does not stop recording GPX files as soon as another app becomes active and uses the screen, especially the phone app, since you cant’t simply prevent that from happening (at least for a very short time) if you need online data somewhere. Therfore, for very valuable recordings I can only do once for any reason at the moment I would use DMD1 in the background since there I do not have those interaction problems.

If this is only a Samsung phone specific problem, it may be that always allowing the location service only for Samsung devices is the simplest solution, since (like written above) in the Samsung OneUI you can deactivate power management for individual apps. Not any problem with that in DMD1 or other apps where I need that.

But I’m no Android app developer so I can’t judge about the effort and alternatives. I’m sure John finds a good solution.

I’ll test if my motorcycle device, a robust Blackview BV9800Pro, does not show this problem. Unlike Samsung with the OneUI, it seems to use a very “naked” Android. I’ll try during the next days and post the results here…