Hi John,

I have bad news: The problem with interrupted GPX file recordings during using the phone app persists even though I put battery management for DMD2 to “not restricted”.

Furthermore, I found out that the GPX file recordings stop every time I open another app, even though I did not quit DMD2 and let it run!!! As long as the other app is in the foreground (means I do not directly see any DMD view), there is no GPX file recording. Don’t know if this is a SAMSUNG specific problem. In any case, the issue has nothing to do with my first guess that the phone app switches off the screen automatically.

I just cross checked with DMD1 Version 6.38 (which has permisson to access the location service always!) and there the GPX file recording runs absolutely fine, independently which other app I use in the foreground. I can even switch off the phone screen and GPX file recording continues.

John, it looks for me that at least for SAMSUNG phones the best solution might be to allow putting the location service to “always”.