Hi John,

thanks for the info! My thoughts:

1) Samsung devices allow to switch off battery management for individual apps. I just found out that this was set to “optimized” (acc. to my usage behavior) and not to “not restricted” for DMD2 (third option is “restricted”). I now changed the setting and I’ll test soon and let you know if this setting solves the problem for phone calls.

2) When accepting an incoming phone call with the Samsung phone during a DMD2 GPX recording session, the screen automatically switches to the phone app (of course). Shortly after accepting the call, the phone screen gets automatically switched off (probably by the phone app itself). It seems this also stops the DMD2 GPX recorder. I have set the display time-out to 10 minutes, but this does not fix the issue since the screen gets switched off eventhough during phone app usage. I guess the problem is Samsung-specific. If someone in the forum reads this, may be he/she can add similar experiences with other devices if experienced.

May be I should add that this problem with my Samsung device happens during usage in a car when the phone is connected via Bluetooth to the car infotainment system. Don’t know if this has an influence. I don’t use the Samsung phone on my motorcycle. For motorcycle use, I use a special, extra-robust outdoor phone. Until now I couldn’t test the behavior of that phone since it is too cold, wet and salty on the streets to ride motorcycle. I’m becoming old… 😉

Running DMD2 in the foreground with screen switched on of course is difficult e.g. during hiking with the phone in the pocket. Of course you could lock the screen with the DMD2 functionality, but even with dimming the screen brightness, the device then needs significant more power than with the screen switched off. I therefore would really prefer that the location setting “always” would be enabled again like in DMD1.

Coming back to you as soon as I find out something new.