Today I checked with 3.00013: This problem also appears if I simply switch off the screen. That gave me the idea that the app might simply have not enough permissions. Indeed, I found out that on my device DMD2 just has the permission to get access to the location if the app is in use. In opposite to this, DMD1 is allowed to have access to the location always, that’s of course why there this problem does not exist.

However, for any reason DMD2 just offers the following permissons for location:

1) Just during app usage

2) Ask every time

3) not allowed

“Always” is not offered (Device SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20, Android 13, One UI 5.1). I just checked that even after reinstallation, I can’t set a permission “always”.

John, is this intended? Could you comment? I found the permission “always” very helpful because often I like DMD to record GPX files when walking with the phone in my pocket and the screen switched off.