João Pereira

Hello, does the T865 has a 5 Hz GPS?

No it does not, it would be cool to have 2hz, 5hz for DMD2 is a bit unnecessary, but 2hz would be great.
On the other hand although it is 1hz it has an amazing accuracy, quick fix, full accuracy values, no known issues like deviation offsets. Really happy with it.

Hello, I saw the technical specs of the DMD-T865 and I have a question regarding the storage. There is 64Go internal storage + 64Go SD storage (seems to be included with the tablet). Do you have feedbacks about lack of storage space? Some application can use only internal storage and 64Go seems to be small. Regards

Yes, for some clients 64 internal might be an issue, but we can only change storage space on a future model which might take a while to be ready.

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