EDIT – after deleting all maps and then downloading just Colorado, it only showed the “white map”.  But after waiting about an hour, the map appeared.  Maybe it had to verify license with a “home” server and it only polls every x minutes?


I’m having the same “white maps” issue I saw user “Ben” was having.  I have a Carpe Iter V4 and just obtained a new beta license key last night from Thork.  I installed the key last night (“please buy me” went away) and all of the downloaded maps were in “red” status.  I re-downloaded all of them and went to bed.  In the morning all the downloaded maps were in “green” status but everything when viewing the maps is white.  If I turn on online shading, I can see the shading, but still no map.

I tried deleting all maps and re-downloading just the Colorado (home) map, but still all maps are white.  If I zoom way out, I can’t see where oceans are either (except by using online shading).