Bugs in Beta 2.99942 (and previous versions):

1. If you have two tracks in loaded GPX file and they overlaps in one section + both tracks are visible, when you short press at point in that overlapping section -> you get Point position distances window for the second track (this is ok, since you can’t get it for both overlapping tracks 🙂 ). Now, when you mark first track as invisible, everything is still ok -> when you short press at point, you still get Point position distances window for the second track.

BUT! When you mark second track as invisible and the first track is visible (so, only the first one remains on the map), short pressing anywhere on that first track (even outside initial overlapping section!) won’t result on opening Point position distances window! Bug.

2. When you have track that goes from point A to point B and then back to point A in one section (for instance, when you plan to climb to mountain peak and then go back on your way) when you are progressing to point B progress info box is correct (distances to track finish and to the next waypoint – that is point B). Then, you reach point B and follow your plan back to point A -> progress info box counting as you didn’t reach point B (so, distances to track finish and to the next waypoint are not correct). Not a major one, but still can be better, maybe to take into account your direction of movement?



In GPX manager button “DELETE” will probably be more precise as “REMOVE”. Delete can suggest to some users that you’ll be deleting the gpx file, when you are actually only removing it from DMD2 map.

Overall dmd2 is truly better and better with each new update. it became my primary enduro navigation tool (in cooperation with GPS Logger for track recording and GPX viewer pro for track browsing, editing waypoints and track editing. Both will probably be absolute with dmd2 next production version!).