Your SENA needs to be paired with the device that will take calls, unless an app that can re-route audio from one device to the other exists, which as far as I know there isn’t any. Im not even sure an app to re-route audio is possible to develop to be honest. But what im willing to do, and will do, is a “connector” app for your pocket phone, so you can pair Sena with pocket phone, you install the DMD2 Pocket app (when its ready) in your phone and now the tablet running DMD2 will be able to show you all the notifications from your pocket phone and when its a call you will be able to “Accept”, “Refuse”, “Cancel and Send Pre-Written SMS” and even control volumes, we can extend functionality with stuff like contacts sync and such. The same way our “Media Player Controller” widget which is ready for the next update will also allow you to set it up to control either the tablet media player or your pocket phone through the “Pocket App”. I think this is the ideal scenario and the most easy to accomplish.

I’m just wondering if that “connector” app is a reality yet? Do I have to download it or will it just be part of one of the updates when it is ready? Sounds like an awesome idea! I’ve had the same question as the original poster about this – I want to use DMD on a device without using a sim in that device and instead connect it to the phone in my pocket. being able to monitor & answer messages and phone calls via DMD would be next level!