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Can I use DMD2 beta for road tours with turn by turn instructions that I can open / upload when needed? If I understand correctly I would currently use a webpage on the DMD2 device (or home PC) to build a GPX file that could be uploaded to DMD2. It is the turn by turn part that appears to be missing if I understand correctly. I am currently using a Garmin however switching to a small tablet form factor would solve some problems I have with the Garmin and allow me to carry less devices. I recently completed a 16 day tour in Ireland and had each day’s route planned for all of the nice roads. Remapping when off the route is also important which can happen when there are detours or you just want to make a change in the plan. Also importance that this all works when there is no Internet which is why I do not use google maps among other problems with that app when there is no internet.

Sorry for my delay in replying to this.

The new DMD version (Beta) does have Route Calculation.
If you create a GPX with tracks you can open the GPX in DMD2, you can then click on the GPX button > Tap on the imported GPX file > Click the Advanced button and you will see an option to convert a Track to a calculated route.

Im not a big fan of turn by turn instruction when off roading which is all I do, so I dont personally use it that much, I usually just make a GPX file with Tracks, load them on the app and then follow the lines.
The way I use route calculation is to calculate routes for things like going to the track start, going to a gas station/hotel/restaurant and returning to the track.

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