Hello Just letting you know the Beta version appears to be operating well on my triptek tablet One question regarding the Beta version, when choosing to navigate I’ve chosen for the app to ask me what method of navigation to use. When I choose other it defaults to Google. I’m guessing this is an Andriod App /default thing, but I want it to default to Gaia Maps instead. Can you advise on how I can change my Navigation to defualt to Gaia and not Google please. David

DMD uses a regular location link which apps can register in their manifest saying “I can handle those” or not…
When you get that dialog what DMD2 is asking from the system is “Show me which apps can handle this” and if it is opening directly with Google Maps it means only Google Maps is registered to handle it.

Seems like the guys in Gaia forgot to add that in their manifest.

If you install more apps like OSMAnd / Locus / Sygic / etc im sure you will get a choice menu.

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