João Pereira

Husqvarna 701 enduro, euro5 (2021) Oukitel wp23, Android 13 Beta 2.99931, obd plug-in purchased today. Connection is made with 100% trusted obd2 dongle, but wrong values are printed in obd2 and map view. They are constant and not valid (for instance rpm value is always 4163, even with key on-engine off, coolant 25c, voltage 16.7V etc). With the same phone and motorcycle and the same obd2 dongle, app torque pro is working ok (correct values are read and printed). Also, with the same motorcycle and the same obd2 dongle, production version works ok. Beta 2.99931 on other phone (oneplus 8t) has the same behavior as on oukitel : connection is made, values are constant and wrong. Seems to me that either Beta 2.99931 or obd2 plugin has the problem.

That is the description of what happens with those crappy slow dongles.
What dongle are you using? Please use only OBDLink LX / VLinker MC+, pretty much everything else we tested is garbage and using stupid bad ELM chip clones.

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