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Just watched a video on YT covering the DMD2 app Great, just what i wanted – So i downloaded it and thought i’ll purchase a licence Hang on, thats different So the YT video shows 12 month price 6 month price Lifetime price Hmm all i get is, 12 month price and 6 month price – no lifetime price So i thought i’ll check out the roadbook price Please press agree to purchase — whoah there !!! i’m not pressing agree to anything without knowing the cost and terms Ok i’ll have a look at the OBD plugin and again, press agree to purchase …. not on your life matey, no price or t&c’s So i thought i’d check the website So i can purchase lifetime licences for DMD2 , roadbooks & OBD fuctionality and prices are displayed .. but only for non EU / business or devices without playstore So i’m non EU (The UK is no longer in the EU) so why cant we purchase a lifetime licence via the app or do we do it via the website ? Confusing


There are two types of licenses:
– For devices with Google Play Store
– And for devices without Google Play Store like the Garmin Treads and some rare Android devices without Play Store.

For devices with Google Play Store, to purchase a license you need to purchase it through the app (it will take you through Play Store regular purchases)
For devices without Google Play Store you need to purchase from our website (Thork Racing).

Current the Roadbook Plugin and OBD2 is a one time lifetime purchase.
The map view is only available through subscription.

When you click the BUY PLUGIN, it shows you the first message and after you agree it shows you the press which you will have to confirm, by clicking that first “agree”, as far as I remember, you are only agreeing and buying it through Play Store.
The prices are:
OBD View – 3 Eur + tax – Lifetime
Roadbook – 5 Euro + Tax – Lifetime
Map View – 6 Month – 10 Eur + Tax / 12 Month – 18 Eur + Tax

Also Google is very costumer protective, you can get full refunds really easy.

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