Help.  Joined Beta testing and went through the loops to do so.  Didn’t read the portion where you will no longer be able to record your tracks. (most important feature for most I would think) Have opted out of Beta and reinstalled DMD2 but can still not record tracks. Any way to roll back install to previous version? Don’t know what my previous version was but version 2.99930 is installed. On a side note, how do I access renewing my subscription prior to it timing out. Note sure if I want to auto renew by the year or purchase lifetime membership.

Thank you.


Update; 7th Jul 2023,


Messaged developer through Facebook page. Got a prompt reply with an answer to my issue and had me up and running again.

Great products are defined by the support and service, not only the product itself.

Many Thanks to the staff whom helped.  6 out of 5 stars.


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