João Pereira

Hello DMD2 team, First of all, many thanks for your amazing product. I am using production version on my nav phone and I am testing beta version on my other phone. Very good and even better! 🙂 One thing: It would be great to be able to hide status bar in Beta version like in the production version (available in general settings). On bellow 7″ phones status bar is unreadable anyway, in reality of normal enduro riding (simple too small to read in “dirt, dust, sweat and vibrations” conditions). And, yes – don’t dismiss DMD2 on smaller than 7″ screens just too soon! 🙂 I am using your product for hard enduro navigation and believe me, with Orux maps it is simply the best product in Android ecosystem for hard enduro, too. And, as you can probably imagine, using 8″ screens in hard enduro is simply the waste of money (and frequent one, too) 😀 , so we have to compromise the screen size and robustness of it. Many thanks and warm greetings to Portugal from Belgrade, Serbia.


Let me see what I can do about this. Added to our requests list, should be easy to implement.

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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