DMD2 2.99920

I am not sure if this is a “bug” or a “design feature”. . . .

If I select a destination point on the map, and use the DMD2 in-built navigation function, it will plot a “public road” route and provide “turn by turn” direction.

However, If I deviate off this plotted route for some reason (e.g. road works / crash / traffic, etc) DMD2 continues to update and show my exact position on the map, but does not re-calculate a route to my destination, or even show how I get from my current position back to my original route.

As a “work around”, I can “Finish” option and close the original route, and then manually create a new route from my current position to my original destination, but this is rather difficult at 100 kph.

Shouldn’t DMD2 automatically do this “re-calculation” for me ?

Is there a menu option / method to force DMD2 Navigation to re-calculate a route when my current position is some distance off the original planned route ??