What do these items indicate? TOURING ADVENTURE OFF-ROAD ERGONOMICS BILD QUALITY APPS SUPPORT PRICE Is it your personal opinion? Are there any standards? I want you to write it down. It is easier for the user to understand and select if you describe whether this operation is possible or not.

Thats my personal take on it, after testing the device obviously.

Touring – How good is it for regular Turing riding, usually for touring I would prioritise easy of use and being intuitive, on complex UIs nothing will beat a controller with a joystick.
Adventure – Adventure will be a mix of touring with offroad.
Offroad – How good is it for off-road, basically how easy is it to press the correct buttons while you are jumping around on a dirt road.
Ergonomics – How comfortable it is to press the correct button, do you need to lift your hand or let go of the handlebar? Button size and press feel is important here to give the best feedback.
Build Quality – How tough is the chassis and components.
Apps Support – How many apps it fully supports with correct implementation (both map and roadbook apps)
Price – The less expensive the better.

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