was not aware of that function, you are correct that’s quite close.
Two points though:
1) Could you stick to the last setting of the view once you close it (e.g. if you are using the half-screen mode, next time you open POI it uses half-screen mode gain – currently it always uses full-screen mode)
2) in half-screen mode: the map automatically puts the selected POI in the center of the total screen but, rather than the portion of the map visible (which is not covered by the remaining POI dialog) – which has no real benefit, because, once you close the POI dialog the map is back to it’s original position anyway…
3) marking the active POI in another color but green would help to find it much faster on the map – the green flag has a very low contrast – bright red for example with a white or black border would stick-out much better – Right now you basically need to know what you are looking for to identify the POI, rather having a high-contrast symbol you’d immediately know: that’s what I am looking for…

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