For this I would like to see the current track, my current position and the POI (all three of them are displayed already I think but am not sure because the maps don’t stay long enough). If you auto-adjust the zoom according to the selected POI it becomes hard to grasp the distance between the different POIs, so it would be faster if the zoom level could be fixed manually and for example you select a distant one and when you select the close ones the zoom level does not change and hence you see the same map image and only the position of the green flag (POI of the gas station) change – so much easier to find the POI you like best… But 1) and 2) would be the most important changes… hope that makes it clearer, otherwise I do some screenshots tonight…

I agree with that, I will make the POI click zoom to a BOUNDING box that will take either your current location + POI location, or your active track + POI location!
I also been wanting that since I did my last TET ride.

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