João Pereira

Is it possible to change the function of the joystick in Locus maps. The problem is that the movement is twice as long vertically as it is laterally. Guess it has to do with the screen being twice as tall as it is wide. I can lock the mode on the controller to DMD2 then it gets a different function but then the zoom doesn’t work. I therefore wonder if it is possible to move the same length in all directions for the joystick in Locus maps. Would work fine to have the DMD2 setting for the joystick but keep the Locus maps setting for the buttons.

We no longer have anything to do with CARPE development, both companies moved separate ways as they should (we are in the retail and software dev work while they are a manufacturer). CARPE now has their own dev team and you should ask them to implement that, should be easy.

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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