João Pereira

The Beta already is awesome but what I’d like to be able to….

  • Set the amount of pages for the left and right widget in the home screen I personally don’t need 3 on each side.
  • Possibility to completely remove the bottom widget to extend the height of the other widgets on home screen
  • Option to hide the Poweroff section from the navigation bar I use Tasker with AutoTool as SystemLauncher to set the actual launcher based on usage of my Phone. I guess if DMDv2 would be the SystemLauncher the button would be automatically hidden, but because AutoTool sits ‘between’ DMDv2 can’t recognize that it’s the default launcher. You could also add a ‘Exit DMDv2’ button to the settings menu if the section is hidden. And yes – I will add another topic of the tasker setup as soon as it’s working bomb-proof.

Last but no least, thanks for this wonderful piece of software

Thank you!!

I totally agree with the first two and will implement. Not exactly sure how to make the third request possible but I will try!

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